Nurse Residency Program at St. Luke's Hospital

The Nurse Residency Program at St. Luke's Hospital in Cedar Rapids is a research-based program that offers supplemental education and support for the newly hired nurse graduate during their first year of employment as an RN. The purpose of the nurse residency program is to ease the transition from student nurse to professional nurse supporting you professionally, emotionally and socially during your first year of nursing.


  • A newly graduated nurse with less than one year of clinical experience.
  • A nurse pursuing a specialty type of nursing that is different from prior nursing experience.
  • A nurse who is re-entering the nursing profession.
  • Any nurse who would like a review.
Start Dates
The program is offered three times a year. You will start in either March, August or November. You will enter the section following your start date.
What to Expect
  • To attend 3.25-hour classes one time a month for 11 months.
  • Classes will be 7:30 - 10:45 a.m. and will be part of your regularly scheduled hours.
  • To communicate scheduling conflicts to your nurse manager.
  • To communicate absences to the class facilitator.
  • To actively participate in class lessons.
  • To demonstrate respect, dignity and confidentiality toward fellow nurse residents.
  • Create and present an evidence-based project.

Learning Experiences

The classes will be an active learning format. They will focus on application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation of information that is directly related to your role as a frontline nurse. Learning activities will include but are not limited to: simulation, role play, discussion, small/large group work sessions, lecture and self-reflection.

You will receive ALL of the CEUs required for your first license renewal for FREE if you attend 100 percent of the sessions.

Session Topics

  1.  Stress management
  2. Communication and conflict management
  3. Patient and family-centered care
  4. Quality and safety
  5. Performance improvement and evidence-based practice
  6. Ethical decision making
  7. Management of patient care delivery and the changing patient condition
  8. Informatics
  9. Business of healthcare
  10. Professional development