Financial Information, Tax Reports & Annual Reports

Financial Statement, Annual Report & Executive Compensation

We fully understand our exemption from federal income tax is a privilege that must be continuously earned and maintained. We're supportive of current IRS and Congressional efforts to increase the reporting of information concerning tax exempt organizations' activities. We’re also supportive of compliance with applicable law, transparency in its operations and disclosure of executive compensation. Our organization is committed to continuing our history of a strong, informed governance accountable to the constituents served by the organization.

As part of our commitment to financial transparency, we have provided details about our financial statements, annual reports and executive compensation below.

Financial Statements:


Form 990

Table of Contents - Core Form

Part I: Summary (Includes: Mission statement, number of board members, independent board members, volunteers and financial data)

Part II: Signature Block

Part III: Program Service Accomplishments (Includes: Mission statement and program service accomplishments)

Part IV: Checklist of required schedules

Part V: Statements regarding other IRS Filings & Tax Compliance

Part VI: Governance, management and disclosure (Includes: Number of board members and independent board members, narratives of policies and public disclosure)

Part VII: Compensation of officers, directors, trustees, key employees, highest compensated employees and independent contractors

Part VIII: Statement of Revenue (Includes all income)

Part IX: Statement of Functional Expenses (Includes all expenses)

Part X: Balance Sheet

Part XI: Reconciliation of net assets

Part XII: Financial statements and reporting

Table of Contents - Schedules

Schedule A: Public charity status and public support (Includes information from 2017-2021).

Schedule B: Schedule of contributors (contributions greater than $5,000 must be reported).

Schedule C: Lobbying expenditures.

Schedule D: Supplemental financial statements (includes donor funds, endowment funds, depreciation, investments, other liabilities and reconciliation of revenue and expenses per audit report).

Schedule E: Schools (Includes checklist and narratives to be completed by schools).

Schedule F: Statements of activities outside the U.S.

Schedule G: Supplemental information regarding fundraising or gaming activities (activities greater than $15,000 must be reported).

Schedule H: Hospitals (includes facility information, charity care and other community benefits, community building activities and bad debt and collection practices).

Schedule I: Grants and other assistance to organizations, governments and individuals in the U.S. (includes grants, scholarships or other specific assistance greater than $5,000 that must be reported).

Schedule J: Compensation information (completed for individuals who receive more than $150,000 in part VII of core form).

Schedule K: Supplemental information on tax exempt bonds.

Schedule L: Transactions with interested persons (includes conflict of interest information and excess benefit transactions).

Schedule M: Non-cash contributions.

Schedule N: Liquidation, Termination, dissolution or significant disposition of assets.

Schedule O: Supplemental information (narratives and for the above schedules and core form are printed on this schedule).

Schedule R: Related organizations and unrelated partnerships (includes related tax-exempt organizations, related partnerships, related corporations or trusts and transactions with related organizations).

Any Form 990s not listed below are available by request.

UnityPoint Health and its affiliate entities' most recent tax year IRS Form 990 are available on this website. Printed copies may be obtained by calling the UnityPoint Health Tax Services office at (515) 224-7132, visiting in-person or sending a letter to UnityPoint Health Tax Services, 1776 West Lakes Parkway, Suite 400, West Des Moines, IA 50266.

Executive Compensation

In accordance with our compensation philosophy, executive base salaries for good performance are provided at the 50th percentile of the market. This information is verified annually by Sullivan, Cotter and Associates, an independent executive compensation consultant.